Welcome to Antidote

Antidote is a community initiative to democratize interactive, dependency-free learning.


With Antidote, you can create compelling, interactive learning experiences by building turnkey lesson materials that are fully browser-based, placing minimal burden on the learner to come with pre-requisite knowledge or environment configurations.

The Antidote project is composed of a set of open source software applications that work together to provide this learning experience.

In fact, the reference runtime and use case for Antidote is NRE Labs and Antidote is the project behind it. NRE Labs is a free site and training service on the web sponsored by Juniper Networks, but anyone interested can run their own copy of Antidote.

Testing Antidote on your laptop

The antidote-selfmedicate repository is the simplest way to get this going, as it’s, designed to allow you to run everything on your laptop, using minikube. This is very useful if you’re looking to develop some lessons and need an easy way to test them out without a lot of setup. See the selfmedicate instructions for more info on that.

Going to production

In case you’re looking to run Antidote in more of a public-facing, production capacity, the antidote-ops repository contains terraform configurations, kubernetes manifests, and scripts necessary for running all of Antidote’s components in the cloud.

Why such a virtual labs environment

Often the first step to learning about network automation is the hardest: you need to setup complex virtual environments, labs, or worse risk experimenting in production. NRE Labs was built to teach skills right in your web browser and let you deal with real tools, code and network devices.

What’s more is that often at the outset of the network automation journey, when one thinks about what to automate, the answer is “the network!” But specifics about workflows are prerequisite to automating them. That’s why the community here has created lessons and labs with real-life NetOps workflows. And everything you see and use is applicable and open for you to use back in your own environments.

Please join the effort

Contributions are welcome.