The Antidote project is composed of three primary Github repositories:

  • Antidote-ops - contains infrastructure and platform configurations, as well as the codified lesson definitons.
  • Syringe - contains code for the back-end orchestrator between Kubernetes and the front-end
  • Antidote-web - contains code for the front-end web application.

Each of these repositories maintain semantic versioning whenever a new release comes out, and they’re released in sync with each other. For instance, when 0.1.3 came out, this version was created for each of these projects, and each project is intended to be deployed together at the same version.

There’s no pre-determined schedule for releases. Generally we try to do a release every two weeks or so, but this is a guideline. This could vary based on conflicts with holidays, or based on incoming changes to any of the projects in Antidote.

The antidote-ops repository is a StackStorm pack for managing Antidote in production, including workflows for creating release branches/tags in Git, uploading tagged Docker images to Dockerhub, and deploying versions of the software to Kubernetes.

Whenever a new release is created, the CHANGELOG notes from each project is summarized underneath the corresponding Antidote release notes for that release. Stay tuned to that link as well as the NRE blog for updates there.

Once a release is created, it’s first deployed to the ptr . This is a sibling site to the main production instance where new features and content can be tested before making it live to the production site. Generally, releases are deployed to the PTR as soon as they’re available. They’ll be tested there for at least a few days, and as long as there aren’t any serious issues, the live site will also be updated to this version a few days later.

NRE Labs’ “Public Test Realm”

The “production” runtime of NRE Labs is located at It is considered to be mostly stable (though still tech preview for now). It’s deployed using tagged versions of git repositories and docker images, and goes through a decent amount of regular testing, as well as far fewer changes than the underlying antidote software projects.

However, there’s a version of NRE Labs that is deployed every time a change to master is detected on one of Antidote’s repositories, called the “public test realm”. It’s located at:

The NRE Labs PTR will be quite similar to the “production” copy, but there are a few important differences to discuss:

  • Everything is deployed via master or the current release branch, and is inherently unstable. We will try to keep things working, but it is a test realm. There be dragons here.
  • All lessons in the antidote repository are shown, despite the disabled property in the syringe file.
  • A black bar with the latest commit ID for all three projects (antidote, antidote-web, syringe) is shown at the bottom of each page.

The goal with the PTR is to make it easier to test release candidates for Antidote. Once the PTR has the changes we want in the next release, and we’ve put it through some testing, we can more confidently release the next version. It will also help contributors see their changes more quickly, rather than waiting for a release. Finally, it also gives users a chance to see upcoming lessons, and provide early feedback.